Dimilin-X, Performagreen, EZ Copper Koi & Goldfish Treatment For koi pond Free Overnight Shipping


Dimilin-X, Performagreen, EZ Copper Koi & Goldfish Treatment For koi pond Free Shipping

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This listing is for THREE  8oz bottles of Dimilin-X,  Performagreen, EZ Copper


  • One teaspoon treats 500 us gallons – must shake well 
  • active ingredient is diflubenzuron and one 8 oz bottle treats 25,000 us gallons
Diflubenzuron – Benzoylphenylurea Compound 
•Best Known Effective Treatment for Argulus (Fish Lice), Lernaea (Anchor Worm), Ergasilus (gill maggots), Flukes and other Copepod crustacean parasites.
•Non toxic  to fish, plants or biofilter even at 10x recommended dosage
•Insect gyrase  stops crustacean molting, ending life cycle of parasites you can see such as anchor worm and Fish Lice.
•Mixed with surfactant  providing efficient dispersion and absorption for practical  pond treatment applications
Shake  bottle  vigorously for 30 seconds prior to dosing.

EZ Copper

Effectively Treats:  Ich, Velvet, Fungus, Crustacia, Oodinium, Gill Flukes,  and External parasites. 

•Safe for Freshwater and Saltwater Fish.
•Preventative Treatment for  Most Fish
•Anti-Fungal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-Protozoan
•Inhibits algae growth inside ponds and aquariums.
•20x stronger than other “Copper Safe” Compounds.
Net Contents: 8 Fl OZ. – Treats 4,000 gallons (15,000L 
  • active ingredient is Formalin, Malachite Green, Trichlorfon and one 8 oz bottle treats 2400 us gallons

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