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Currently We Accept
Pay Pal, Checks, Credit Cards
Orders Are Going Out Monday Through Thursday After Payment Is Received Unless Otherwise Arranged With Us. Save money and time with us we ship all live fish free shipping using UPS Next Day Air.
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To Provide The Most Economical Cost, We Ship UPS Next Day Air As Default for all live fish shipment. If You Prefer Another Service, Please Contact Us.
We Package Our Fish Using Cycled Water, Pure Oxygen And Double-up 3 Mil Poly Bags
Due To Some Very Active Species, Some Fish May Be Tranquilized And Appear Sluggish. Please Introduce Them To Fresh Water If They Have Gill Movement.
We Ship To The Lower 48 States.
Tracking Numbers Shall Be Automatically Received When items get shipped to the email address provided at check out.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Learn what is required to successfully maintain healthy fish. There are numerous publications dealing with water quality, disease treatment, etc


The water quality should be: 
Salt Level 3 ppt (3 lbs non iodized salt per 100 gallons) — this is very important! (Use feed salt or stock salt from tractor Supply Company, Morton blue bag pure salt for water softeners, or kosher salt. Do not use Iodized Table Salt!
Temperature 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
pH 6.5-8
Ammonia 0 PPM
Nitrite less than .25 PPM
Oxygen 4 PPM or greater
Notify us within 72 hours of any problem for help in correcting it!
Quarantine new fish arrivals for a minimum of 2 weeks before introducing them with other older fish at a minimum temperature of 75 degree F. Some fish diseases are not apparent at cooler temperatures. We cannot accept responsibility for conditions created by mixing new fish with old fish.
Please Buy With Confidence That You Will Receive Your Fish Alive And Healthy. However, In The Event That Your Fish Are Doa On Occasion UPS May Delay Or Damage Your Shipment. Therefore, We Have Live Arrival Guarantee. A Digital Picture Of The Deceased Fish With The Tail(s) Cut Off Will Need To Be Emailed To [email protected] On The Same Day That The Shipment Is Received Within Three Hours Of Declared Arrival Time. Once Pictures Are Received All Legitimate Doa Claims Will Be Considered For Replacement Or Refund Of Fish Less The Shipping Cost. We Are Not Responsible For Shipping Payments On Doas Or Replacements.
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We Do Not And Will Not Knowingly Ship Fish Into A Restricted Area. The Buyer Is Ultimately And Fully Responsible For Understanding And Complying With Any And All Local, State Or Federal Laws Pertaining To The Possession Of Fish At Their Locality. Contact Your Local Department Of Fish And Wildlife For More Information Regarding The Laws In Your Area.


We are not open to the public. Online orders only. Please feel free to contact us via email [email protected] and leave a detailed message. We send orders to all states except Alaska and Hawaii. All live fish orders will ship Monday through Thursday with UPS Next Day Air shipping method and email will be sent to the email address used at checkout.