About Us

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We are proud and confident that Pretty Koi Fish has the best quality koi in the area. High quality koi are not easy to achieve, however we have worked hard to assure that this is what you will see when you visit us. This is our passion. Whether you are buying koi for the first time, or you are a serious collector looking for show-quality, we encourage you to see and decide for yourself by visiting us.

Pretty Koi Fish is located in Lima, OH. We are a family business specializing in both beautiful butterfly and standard fin koi. We are also known for our 100% pure line blue tilapia and disease free gorgeous koi. We use no hormones and no dangerous chemicals to grow our fish. 

Unfortunately the owner Chad  was tragically taken from us too soon on March 7, 2017 at the age of 35. He was born in Ravenna, Ohio on February 8, 1982. He graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent, Ohio then went on to Ohio State University graduating with his Masters in Mechanical Engineering. He worked for Procter & Gamble then decided to start his own business. Chad, President of Sugar Creek Fishery in Lima, Ohio worked along with his wife providing fish and pond products throughout the USA. Chad loved nature's animals and plants collecting them whenever possible. Chad enjoyed working with his hands and digging the ponds on his fish farm. He was one of the most extraordinary people in this world. He is survived and will be terribly missed by his wife and son, as they continue to live in Lima continuing his legacy

Our Goal

To provide you with the best service & products. We guarantee our fish to be not only delivered alive but also to be in great health. We also offer other products & services. We have great customer service so feel free to ask us any questions. Our main goal is to supply our customers with beautiful healthy fish at reasonable prices.

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Our Aquaculture Facility

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We sell a great variety of Freshwater Fish specializing in Koi (butterfly and standard fin) and Tilapia. We sell a great variety of safe chemicals to use for your pond. We offer the best aquarium products at a great price. Browse our nice selection of pond products.

Thank you for visiting us here at Pretty Koi Fish. Relax and enjoy our website. Please let us know how we may assist you. Feel free to contact us, as we believe that sharing information is vital to serving you. Your opinion does matter.

A fish is swimming in the water.

We sell a great variety of Freshwater Fish. We specialize in Koi (butterfly and standard fin), Tilapia, Tadpoles, and Snails.

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We offer quality pond products, fish food, fish medication. check out our store for more.